Reed 36 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Humor and Banter at a Family Gathering

  • DeLoa
  • Randy
  • Jody
  • Jim
  • Betty
  • Sam
  • Tommy Hamlin
  • Julio
  • John
  • Josh

[00:00:00] DeLoa: We have more money than Sam. Hey, hey, do somebody want me? They got acquainted right at me. Tell your jokes, Betty. For me, he’s such a joker, too.

[00:00:21] Randy: Jim, do you know what cut off means? You’re about to get cut off. From all of the fine pleasures of life. If you don’t, we’ll mess you with a joke.

Jodie, check it out. Look where the camera is. Now go ahead, look over there.

[00:00:51] DeLoa: Look, I, I

[00:00:52] Randy: pointed right at ya!

[00:00:54] DeLoa: Jody, Jody, how was your Christmas party last night? Was it fun?

[00:00:58] Randy: You had a party and you didn’t invite me?

[00:01:01] DeLoa: That’s bull ass. I

[00:01:09] Randy: guess this guy says, you know the difference between a shower

[00:01:14] DeLoa: A

[00:01:15] Randy: shower curtain and toilet paper?

And the guy says, no, what is it? And I says, you’re not coming to my house.

[00:01:21] DeLoa: Laughter. Laughter. Laughter. Laughter.

[00:01:31] Randy: Do you know the difference between cheap champagne and expensive champagne? No. Okay, we’re having a

[00:01:40] DeLoa: party at my house.

[00:01:51] Randy: I heard that on the radio about the You know the difference between the shower curtain and the toilet

[00:01:56] DeLoa: seat? Come on! No, what’s

[00:01:58] Randy: the difference?

[00:01:59] DeLoa: Is it the monitor?

[00:02:01] Randy: What are you doing, Dad? Monitor? I’m just gonna hook

[00:02:06] DeLoa: the monitor up in the sink. What’s the score? What’s the score? You’re hooking up the monitor.

What’s the score? I mean, there’s zero in the funeral around here, don’t you? Yeah. Now, this is the

[00:02:20] unknown: Holy Boy.

[00:02:22] DeLoa: BYU.

[00:02:23] unknown: Yes. And there, there’s a, uh, common family to bet on the game.

[00:02:29] DeLoa: I’m giving them grand, thank

[00:02:30] unknown: you.

[00:02:31] DeLoa: You mean in this round? Yeah. You better get some BYU. How dare you?

[00:02:37] unknown: Ten points? I had to. What’s that?

BYU. Oh, it’s like it says. Did you guys bet?

[00:02:46] DeLoa: Yeah, Tommy Hamlin. Didn’t you hear? I didn’t get in on it.

[00:02:51] unknown: BYU wins by seven, which I think they will all still win. How many cards did you give away?

[00:02:56] DeLoa: Ten. Oh, he

[00:02:57] Randy: gave you ten? Yeah. You want to bet another cheeseburger on

[00:03:02] DeLoa: it? Laughter I know

[00:03:09] Randy: after you finish his, you won’t eat mine.

[00:03:11] DeLoa: Hey, check in her, you know, you want to know where I come from, check it over here. It’s Julio. Center, BYU and, uh, UCLA. Good game. I never watched him. I was cooking as a kid. I watched him very closely.

[00:03:49] Randy: What did you do with that?

[00:03:50] DeLoa: Oh, you watched football. No, this was baseball. I mean basketball. What game was that then?

Just running over the goal line.

[00:04:02] Randy: Hey, John?

[00:04:03] DeLoa: And just before he crossed the line, He pissed the ball up like, like he was gonna spike it. Mm-Hmm. And he lost it on the other side. So hard for team. Got it

[00:04:14] unknown: down.

[00:04:16] DeLoa: Where

[00:04:16] unknown: was it?

[00:04:17] DeLoa: I wasn’t watching it. Just a case in the

[00:04:23] unknown: first once while

[00:04:27] Randy: I used five inches Monitor. Oh. I’m sure they

[00:04:34] DeLoa: found that. Yes, they did.

[00:04:38] Randy: Well, thanks for your time and trouble. What

[00:04:39] DeLoa: did you want, honey?

[00:04:41] Randy: We wanted you to, you need to, turn the monitor this way so she can see it. Yeah, how can I, how

[00:04:47] DeLoa: can I just do that? Yeah, see the monitor, aren’t I? Are you getting ready for a joke, to tell a joke?

No, I don’t know one. If I knew a joke, I’d be married to one. A joke? Come here.

Okay, here I come. We said it was her turn to tell a joke. She said, I’m married to one. She’s married to one. Uh oh. Hey, don’t jiggle the camera when it’s pointed at me. No,

[00:05:30] Randy: Randy just put some on his food anyway.

[00:05:50] unknown: In the monitor. Oh,

[00:05:52] DeLoa: you guys can see the monitor.

[00:05:55] Randy: There you go.

[00:05:55] DeLoa: Put it up. You put, put it

[00:05:57] Randy: up on the chair

[00:05:58] DeLoa: so we can see it around the, how about the organ bench? Have you got any

[00:06:02] Randy: cue cards you could hold up? Hey, can we change the picture?

[00:06:07] DeLoa: Randy wants it on him. Why don’t you put the organ bench over there? Go help your daddy.

He’s alright. Oh, don’t put it up there, dear, please. It’s cool. It’s gonna break, and that’s mine. Boy, I have some of my own things. There’s the right picture there. Julio. Julio. Oh, no. The only thing I have is paid for. You showed that, you showed that last time, Randy. I know. But it’s bigger than this.

You just need to write the date on it. I know it.

[00:06:51] Randy: You take the same vitamins I do, you’re going to be like this too, Johnny. Here, you want one?

John, talk to the camera, would you? Tell us about, uh, the jet

[00:07:21] DeLoa: and de

[00:07:21] Randy: icing, really. I’ll

[00:07:22] DeLoa: just pass them, and I’ll just fire them up right here, and then we’ll put them in the Jet

[00:07:29] unknown: lag. Jet lag. That’s what we have. These, huh?

[00:07:33] DeLoa: Yeah.

[00:07:34] unknown: Talk about the ridiculous button ways. It’s not a bad

[00:07:37] DeLoa: picture, is it? It’s

[00:07:39] Randy: not

[00:07:39] unknown: bad.


[00:07:40] Randy: I want

[00:07:40] unknown: all my

[00:07:40] Randy: burger I’m gonna get.

[00:07:41] DeLoa: What do you want? Your pickle here. Pickle,

[00:07:44] Randy: cheeseburger. I

[00:07:45] DeLoa: want a bag of

[00:07:46] Randy: coke. Uh, root

[00:07:47] DeLoa: beer. Root beer.

John? Yeah? I’ll get a monitor. Yeah, you need to turn the other way, John, so we can get

[00:07:59] Randy: you away. He

[00:08:01] DeLoa: turns the other way. I’ll take over until you have it seated. Boy, I shouldn’t be getting this. You’re getting this? I think it’s right here. Okay. I’m going to need some fire to start the lid.

[00:08:29] Randy: Are you leaving?

[00:08:29] DeLoa: Uh, about five minutes. I’m sure you’re closer to a bed than I am. I don’t understand all the ramifications of that. I was

[00:08:53] Randy: wounded on the course. Yeah, I kept running into the wall.

[00:08:58] DeLoa: Yeah, I did.

[00:09:00] Randy: Hey. There it went.

[00:09:04] DeLoa: There

[00:09:04] unknown: it is over there. Yeah, I’m finished. Now what’s going over there? Yeah. Carry on with the game.

Keep your eye on

[00:09:15] DeLoa: it.

[00:09:22] Randy: Are you two playing, Dad? Yeah. Okay.

[00:09:31] DeLoa: Those little things won’t play in my tapes anymore, will they? Oh, it’s not worth much.

[00:09:39] unknown: Me, they do.

[00:09:40] DeLoa: Okay.

[00:09:41] unknown: Well, this has, this is a little 20 minute cassette. Oh, good. I have an adapter that goes on the TV. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:09:52] DeLoa: I can copy anything I want.

[00:09:56] unknown: So I can put it on

[00:09:57] Randy: beta. He can copy anything, did you hear that?

Copy, like in copyright.

So far he’s done Star Wars, 20, 000 edition.

We eat two at 49 a week. Yeah. Eat, eat, go home.

[00:10:27] unknown: Come out here and stop football time. Sit down and see what’s going on. Yeah, let’s see what’s going on. What’s happening here? All the guys are gone. Excuse us, goodbye. Nobody will ever excuse you, Josh.

[00:10:39] Randy: Ha, ha,

[00:10:39] DeLoa: ha. This bread is delicious. I’m grabbing the other one. Oh, wonderful. for your call. I’m going to ask that I give you what I want.