Reed 30 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Cherished Moments and Gifts Shared

  • DeLoa
  • Ben
  • Mark
  • Joe
  • Marcy
  • Megan
  • Joey
  • Judy
  • Nancy
  • Grandpa

[00:00:00] DeLoa: Let’s take the cherries. A box of candy. Hey, it’s the same thing as what I gave to Ben. Cherry, cherry chocolate. Look at that. We have to take the cherries. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. How would I open this one first? I’ll open the big one first. Ugh. My momma got that. Well, my momma, my wife did it. You know what it is?

Yeah. It goes to, uh, It goes to, uh, It goes to, uh, It goes to, uh, It goes to, uh, Look, it was in yours. It’s all the way down there. What’s his name? It is. He does. I wanna see his name. Look on the front. Uh huh. What? What? What? What? No more purple presents. Good morning Mark. No more purple presents. We don’t need purple presents.

I see. I don’t like presents.

Wow! Look what Joe gave Marcy! Oh, how cute! That’s great! Such You ready, Mom? Mom, it’s from From Megan and Marcy! Right, Megan, Megan! From you and Mom! Who’s that from, girl? From Megan and Marcy! Cool! I needed this. Wow. Wow. It was awesome. Wow. Wow, pants in it? Boy. Gee, that’s nice. It’s just what I needed. Now it’s mine.

Don’t put it on the table, honey. Show it to Grandpa. Grandpa, look it! Hey! Joey, can’t you find where it is now? Grandpa, look it! Where’s, uh, Judy gone? Honey, come here. I got my own book. You did? Your own book. Is your rainbow bright? Let me put it on the table, Marcy. Wow, you want to take it out? There, there you go.

Let me hold this for you.

Let me put these guys in your box. Joe, Joe, Joe. Let me see that. I can’t write with one hand. Come here, let me see, I’ll help you. You need to lay your suckers down. I think you’re doing it wrong. Here, here, I’ll show you something. Put your doll to Grandpa. Just right where you are. Just turn around. He wants to see your face.

Just hold it up. Oh, yeah. See? Put it right by your face. Yeah. I want to. You have to. Now may you soon get this big doll. Put it to Grandpa. Get your big doll. And show him. I’m going to put it next to him, doll. Put his face down. He’s sweating a lot. Okay. Yeah, that was real good. Oh, that was good, Nancy, huh? Uh huh.

Okay, kids. Oh, don’t show, don’t sit. Over by Megan. Show your ready. Yay! Go Megan! Oh, Stand over here. Marcy. Marcy, don’t leave that thing alone. Hold it up so I can see it. Marcy, Marcy. Here, hold this one. Where’s the sprite? Oh, hold that. It’s down on the floor, Marcy. Hold it up so I can see. No! That’s the way you do it.

No, you can’t do it anymore, see? Okay, now that’s, um, you have two more. Move over this way maybe a little bit. Watch out when it goes in there. Make sure, make sure you read out. See, now you’re out again. Don’t do that. See, now you’re okay. Let’s try this. Come down here. Uh oh.

Oh my gosh. Hey, look at this! I know, what’s that? Oh, that’s amazing. Can you bring it in? What? Can you bring it in? There’s a disc. There must be. A disc drive. Oh, there’s a disc? Can you bring it in? She doesn’t have a horse. Maybe that’s because those

silly horses hooves are making noise.