Reed 22 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Celebrating Togetherness and Unexpected Announcements

  • David
  • Barb
  • Andrew
  • DeLoa
  • Randy
  • Uncle Randy
  • Elizabeth
  • Pat
  • John
  • Barbara
  • Jim
  • Jodi
  • Gil
  • Mr. Roeder
  • Mrs. Roeder
  • Dave

[00:00:00] David: We’re having a party

[00:00:01] Unknown: tonight.

Oh, look at that,

[00:00:16] David: Barb.

[00:00:17] Unknown: Oh, hello! I have to take him out of the clown box. Have you seen it? You guys haven’t seen it yet? Oh, he’s getting so excited. Look how big he is. Hi. Hi, Andrew. Hey, Andrew. He’s a different look like anybody. I know. He’s totally different.

[00:00:39] David: Hey, can, can, can, uh, somebody have twins and have, uh,

[00:00:43] Unknown: does the

[00:00:44] David: father be different?


[00:00:45] Unknown: did you come from? Two different fathers. Two different fathers,

[00:00:47] David: yeah.

[00:00:47] Unknown: Hi. Oh, you so cute. Look at her smile. You can.


I hope they’re okay. Why don’t you come sit up here?

You were hoping you could probably does.

[00:01:24] DeLoa: During dinner, they’re finding out so many things about kids.

[00:01:32] Unknown: Before birth, they learn, they learn to tone your voice. You know, I mean, they know so much at birth, it’s incredible. Look. Hi

[00:01:45] David: Andrew!

[00:01:46] Unknown: It’s

[00:01:47] David: me,

[00:01:48] Unknown: Uncle Randy! Hi, Andrew.

[00:01:52] David: Aren’t you lucky. Isn’t he precious? You were

[00:01:54] Unknown: almost born in New York. Yeah. I know. I know. I know. We’ll, uh, we’ll, uh, issue a plate. Yeah, you may want to go to the microwave.

Okay, Elizabeth, come and sit down.

See what they brought. My dad,

that’s the reed name. Biggest

[00:02:43] David: gun you can buy.

[00:02:44] DeLoa: No,

[00:02:49] Unknown: there’s just a half a round.

[00:02:53] David: I’ve got a friend that he says every 4th of July he goes out, fires off his 44, 50 rounds he goes through. Just so everybody around knows he’s got the biggest gun on the block. He said nobody ever steals anything from him.

[00:03:11] Unknown: We all came down to look at it.

Did you hear about Pat? Alarm going off and he slept right through it.

[00:03:22] David: Pat slept through this alarm going off? Dad, now look, you’re going to break your feet again.

[00:03:27] DeLoa: What kind of alarm was it? Hump? You mean Hummel? Look, Dad’s

[00:03:30] David: trying to be a bird. Look, everybody.

[00:03:31] DeLoa: Dad,

[00:03:32] Unknown: be careful. Yeah,

[00:03:38] David: I like her out

[00:03:39] Unknown: in the hall.

Keep an eye on her. Oh no, I’m going to get that.

[00:03:45] David: There you go.

[00:03:46] Unknown: Oh, you can come over here.

[00:03:47] David: This one’s rolling. Wave to the movie camera.

[00:03:52] Unknown: Okay,

[00:03:52] David: everybody, look this way. Yeah, Dad, hey, John. Hey, everybody. Pop.

[00:03:57] Unknown: Oh. Need to do some more. Wait a minute. Elizabeth

[00:04:00] DeLoa: is going to go around my baby. Okay. Elizabeth.

[00:04:03] Unknown: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, sit down. She’s got a couple inches, maybe. Don’t jump, Dad. I would. But then I’d If I moved it

[00:04:13] David: Elizabeth, I can’t Why don’t you stand up, my baby? No, no, no. John. John, look. Come on, sit down right there. Uh, I wanna keep standing up back there,

[00:04:21] Unknown: obviously in the way here. Johnny’s gonna

[00:04:23] David: shoot. Okay, John, here we go.

Here we go. Right here. Open your eyes. Everybody turn the baby around here so I can see everybody. Open your eyes. Who’s got ’em closed? Okay, here we go. Right here.

[00:04:34] DeLoa: Now I’d like one of us all to stand here and say, Why aren’t you doing a video?

[00:04:39] David: He is. Keep complaining, Mom. This is all being filmed.

[00:04:43] Unknown: Oh, no.

That’s not fair, Dad. I thought you were doing the video, Gil. Is that going to be on the video? You rascal.

It’s okay, Mom. It’s on the video.

Why doesn’t somebody tell a joke? Turn around and tell a joke. John. John. John, come over and sit up.

[00:05:17] David: Yeah.

[00:05:18] Unknown: Dad’s

[00:05:19] David: in charge tonight. Any questions? No, thank you. There’s

[00:05:23] Unknown: one person missing from He must be a hero to you all, isn’t he? Oh, I’m one of your

[00:05:28] DeLoa: officers. Uh, let John turn around and Mom, pick your

[00:05:31] David: clock up and show what John brought you.

[00:05:34] DeLoa: Okay. And Barbara?

[00:05:36] David: This went through the bomb scare that John and Barbara had on the plane. They were five hours late. Can I zoom this in on

[00:05:43] Unknown: it? Yeah.

[00:05:45] David: Bomb threat.

[00:05:47] Unknown: And then I think it would be fun to have John tell about that. Tell about what? Thank you, John. Beautiful.

[00:05:55] David: It has a T and a W. Hit the T. And then aim it.

Now, uh, John, John and Barbara brought down this big old python gun for Dad. See, and he’s got it there.

[00:06:10] Unknown: And John’s going to tell us about how, when he went through, I was going to say customs. Yeah.

[00:06:16] David: John, am I back from NOM? How is the little jumpy coming back from NOM?

Tell us about the bomb scare so we can get it on, uh That’s pretty heavy duty,

[00:06:29] Unknown: John. Yeah,

[00:06:32] David: turn your chair around and Boys, bring the camera over here. Hey, John, turn your chair the other way. Can you, John? The light’s right in the back of your head. Here, let me move this chair back here.

[00:06:43] Unknown: There you go. All right, now here, stand right there.

Now, can you run through this bomb chair? Oh, A lot faster

[00:06:53] David: than I did then.

[00:06:56] Unknown: And he looks as if he’s keeping an eye on me. I am, boy. Oh, did you put that on? You’re

[00:07:00] David: in good control. No problem. Okay, so John, you landed in, uh, Colorado, and when did they announce that there was a bomb on board? I don’t know. Right after I planted it.

[00:07:16] Unknown: Did they ever find out it was you? Talk to that guy over there. Hi Dave. And tell about how you told me how to flush the tape. I love that. You’re on now, John. Go ahead.

[00:07:35] David: Camera. You’re not on here, natural. Let’s do

[00:07:40] Unknown: it. Uh, you’ve

[00:07:42] David: got a

[00:07:43] Unknown: Father Fox shadow. Talking about you. And this is their new

[00:07:49] David: addition here.

It’s the little baby in Barbara’s lap. It was unexpected. That’s what they thought it was. Bob scares the doo doo.

[00:07:58] Unknown: Mr. and Mrs.

[00:08:03] David: Roeder, uh,

[00:08:04] Unknown: Mr. and Mrs.

[00:08:06] David: Roeder, there’s something that we haven’t told you yet.

[00:08:09] Unknown: It was, uh,

[00:08:11] David: this was also unexpected. I apologize for this, too.

[00:08:14] Unknown: Say hi!

[00:08:17] David: But, uh, it’s been very difficult hiding it from you both.

And now at this time we feel like it’s necessary, uh, because we’ve got to take it home.

[00:08:29] Unknown: So

[00:08:30] David: in case you drop by, you’ll know in advance

[00:08:36] Unknown: that we’ve had a baby. Huh? He did say it. Isn’t John going to tell about having to clean the suitcase? Yeah, he’s going to go through the whole thing. Tell it to David. What are you doing?

Tell it to the world. Wait a minute, what did you just say? Isn’t that horrible? He’s uncomfortable. What is he doing? He’s uncomfortable. Go

[00:09:09] David: ahead, tell us about this. Give us a rundown on

[00:09:11] Unknown: it.

[00:09:14] David: Here, let’s not have the weapon.

Now, I was speaking to the governor the other day. That’s my mom. Now

[00:09:30] Unknown: you can watch him cry over here with his mom. Are you

[00:09:34] David: up to declare any weapons of help?

[00:09:36] Unknown: Well

[00:09:38] David: And so I was telling the girl at the counter that I had a weapon in my suitcase. And she asked if it was a gun. I said, yeah. I said, I’ve got to show you, but it’s not loaded.

She was quite worried. Asked some guy to come over and asked him what she, what she should do. He said, we’ll just have to show it to you. And I opened it up and, as you can see, her eyes got real big. His eyes got real big. And I picked it up. Did this, and I said, it’s not loaded. Everybody’s eyes got real big.

Real big. Then I just closed it. Put it back in, and I just said, make my day. He

[00:10:14] Unknown: wanted to know if he

[00:10:17] David: got the proper seating that he wanted. That’s a beautiful gun.

[00:10:23] Unknown: That is

[00:10:27] David: gorgeous.

Barbara, we’d like you to say a few words, please. That was it. And next we’ll have Jim. Jim will say a couple words. That’s it. On down the line. Andrew, say something.

[00:10:47] Unknown: Andrew,

[00:10:47] David: they’re on.

[00:10:49] Unknown: Andrew!

What’s that over there? David, you come and get in some of it. Yeah. Over there. Dave,

[00:10:59] David: get on over there. Go on.

[00:11:01] Gil: Go on.

[00:11:02] David: Get!

[00:11:03] Gil: Where’s the

[00:11:03] David: zoom?

[00:11:06] Unknown: David’s gonna tell us. Come back here by your wife and tell us a little bit about your business. Not

[00:11:15] DeLoa: your monkey business, your chiropractic business.

[00:11:42] Gil: Tell us about your new business. You know, what the country’s like and what the Tell us a little bit about it.

[00:11:48] Unknown: He just freezes in front of the camera. Is it, is

[00:11:51] Gil: it

[00:11:52] David: true that there’s four, four active volcanoes?

[00:11:59] Unknown: Four active

[00:11:59] David: volcanoes.

[00:12:09] Unknown: You know,

[00:12:11] David: the chiropractor I’m taking over from is a real outdoorsman. And he hunts bears. During the couple of months that they’re allowed to hunt bears. And, uh, Black bears, right? Black bears. While I was up there, I’d go out on some trails back in the woods. I found it really peaceful and quiet. And that worried me about the bears.

And so I asked him about it. He said, no problem. He says, the bears are really scared of you. And he told me of the time when, uh, When, uh, his dogs had treated a bear. And a well trained dog, once they’ve treated a bear, As you get up to the tree, they’ll go ahead and leave. He says, and this great big black bear started coming down.

And he was just out for fun that day. He didn’t have a gun with him. And, uh, so he starts barking.

[00:12:57] Unknown: And he

[00:12:59] David: puts the

[00:13:01] Unknown: bear right back up the tree. That’s right, we have

[00:13:07] David: to teach kids how to bark because there’s some woods behind the house and he says that during the night, the bears come down through the woods to get to an apple tree.

It’s down the road a ways. I’d cut that halfway down. And move it up the road. Can we

[00:13:22] Unknown: go look at it, Bart? Yeah. Very well. No. I can sleep. I can sleep. Oh, really? She thinks it’s lovely when I do that. What do you think, that I come down to take support? You know. Don’t you think that’s lovely? It’s lovely. It’s lovely.

It’s lovely. You’re supposed to be looking over there and then we’re laughing. And he’s got his shirt on. Now he’s comfortable.

[00:13:56] David: Why don’t you walk around in front of the camera so they can make sure we get you on film without your shirt.

[00:14:00] Unknown: Oh my God. Oh no. I wasn’t the one who had the baby. They’re my twins.

Six months along.

[00:14:19] David: Don’t anybody say anything

[00:14:20] Gil: now.

[00:14:21] David: Well, I’ll think about those two guys around their country. It’s going to be telling his friend about all the bears that he hunted and what he’d done. So his friend told him, why don’t you go out and, he says, you get one. He says, I’m going to wait here. So his friend went out and, and a bear spotted him and chased him.

So the guy came tearing back to the cabin and jerked the rope and ran in and the bear followed him in. And he told his friend, you take care of this and I’m going after another

[00:14:46] Unknown: one. And

[00:14:54] David: then there’s that bear story where we were up in Sequoia, or I guess it was Yosemite. And, uh, some bears come into camp and enjoy the open to tent flap.

[00:15:04] Unknown: During the night. During

[00:15:05] David: the night. Here’s a bear about to putz in my face. And that’s no kidding. But those bears were actually Uh, little packages of breakfast cereal we had. And, the only, the only thing, the only thing they, gotcha. The only thing they opened were the ones that were sugar coated. And what they did, they, they just stick their little claw in, make a hole about the size of a matchstick, and if it wasn’t sugar coated, they left it alone.

The sugar coated ones they opened and ate. That was pretty thoughtful of them. Yeah, it was very

[00:15:41] Unknown: nice of them. Yeah, they could have

[00:15:42] David: torn them all open. They didn’t want to ruin them. Pretty neat. Well trained bears.

[00:15:49] Unknown: Now if I had

[00:15:51] David: this

[00:15:57] Unknown: They do, they sound really harmless. Very nice. Most of them are. People

[00:16:01] David: get hurt a lot with them though. We had a teenage girl Very It was ballin and draggin I mean, my one by one, you know, last year, was it good for that? I heard about that, yeah. Dragged her a long, long ways. Those are the ones that are a little mental.

Mentally disturbed.

[00:16:18] Unknown: Yeah.

[00:16:21] David: Yeah. Those birds haven’t had to be

[00:16:25] Unknown: 12. Yeah. Hasn’t been

[00:16:33] David: a bother being 12,

[00:16:34] Unknown: huh?

Come on, honey. Jodi, are you saying something? She had to make up for the last shot. Jodi’s going to tell a joke. It’s not a joke. Whatever happens now, it’s going to be anti climactic, right? No joke.

[00:17:03] David: Jodi’s got a joke. No, this is no joke.

[00:17:06] Jody: This is no joke. The B 12 reminded me of this. I wrote a shopping list out for Jim, um, for the store, and I wrote down biz, and when he brought the bags back, um, he brought back a bottle of B 12.

And no biz.

[00:17:27] Unknown: She writes with her left hand.

Tell us what you’re doing with your life now. Just taking care

[00:17:44] David: of Randy.

[00:17:45] Unknown: She dances

[00:17:46] David: three days a week.

[00:17:48] Unknown: Oh yeah, I forgot. Gosh Gil, thank you. She dances every day. Seven days a week.

[00:17:55] David: So what’s cool about that?

[00:17:56] Unknown: Well, I hear he’s off tonight. That’s cool, just three people.

And Randy, did you tell us that you, your dad, you might move back east?

[00:18:12] Gil: Yeah, possible.

[00:18:15] Unknown: No comment.

[00:18:17] David: There is no comment at this time.

[00:18:22] Unknown: Just, uh, just,

[00:18:23] David: you know, I’m just being interviewed right now by a company. Uh, everything will go on as normal. Please keep rolling. He’s gonna run the crackers into the ocean, one at a time. I’m gonna set them all up. Tell us about your dreams. My dreams, yeah. Ron Yates hanging by the neck until dead at one of his trains.

Now that’s bad, isn’t it?

[00:18:50] Unknown: That’s horrible. I had a dream like

[00:18:53] David: that.

[00:18:55] Unknown: No, no, I didn’t have a dream like that. Get it out. He’s insane now. I had a nightmare

[00:19:00] David: like that. I had a dream. It was a good dream. I had a dream. Does that thing say recording up there in the viewfinder? Yeah.

[00:19:12] Unknown: No. It

[00:19:14] David: does? Yeah, it does. How come it’s going like this?

A 977 tractor. That’s a big one. I’ve dreamed of getting on it, pulling it towards the ocean. It probably needs a new battery in it. Pulling the power up full. Throwing it in.