Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Singing Together

  • Meagan
  • Deloa
  • Ian
  • Jody
  • Marcy

[00:00:00] Meagan: Did I sing it? I don’t know. I don’t know. What? I don’t know.

[00:00:15] Deloa: I know it. I don’t know. Watch the bandage on my leg. I looked out

[00:00:32] Meagan: the window and what did I see?

[00:00:36] Deloa: Let’s get her where she doesn’t keep her legs clomping on. Okay, Ian. Here, get down with the bear, and watch Aunt Julie, and let’s do popcorn now. And the bear is going to do it with you.

So, little doggie. Okay. Sit

[00:00:58] Meagan: down with the little doggie. Sit down. Megan and Ian. Ian and Megan. Sing loud

[00:01:04] Deloa: for Megan, please. Megan, keep your feet down. Marcy,

[00:01:09] Meagan: come up here. He will. Let’s all stand

[00:01:12] Deloa: up, okay? Sit out on the edge of the couch. Come on, sit right on the edge of the couch there. That’s right.

Get out there. So you can sing it. You can Popcorn.

He wanted to do popcorn. So let’s do popcorn. Then you can do . Here we go. We’re gonna practice. Right. Okay. I looked out the window and what

[00:01:42] Meagan: did I see? Popcorn popping on the acorn tree. She has brought in my surprise. For melting in the palm of my eye. I couldn’t guess. I’m gonna make a tree. I’m gonna make a tree.

I’m gonna make a tree. I’m gonna make a tree. I you know that