Reed 21 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Moments of Joy and Everyday Life

  • David
  • Jared
  • Ian

[00:00:00] David: Come on, hey, little smile. Hmm? Come on, little smile. Come on, little smile for daddy. There we go. There we go.

Where? On that house. Oh, it’s over there. It’s so quiet. That way we’re, we’re in the tree. We’re in the tree.

That way. Aah! You

okay? Ian. Ian. I will. Okay.

I hope you’re not taking all of this, Dad. I thought I could still put yours better. You need to wash your face. Okay, that’s all. I want one. Yeah!

Reed 23 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: A Snapshot of Daily Life

  • Gil
  • Elizabeth
  • Ian

[00:00:00] Unknown: Yeah. We know it’s a carrot.

[00:00:21] Gil: Elizabeth?

[00:00:24] Unknown: Which?

[00:00:24] Gil: Yeah? Come here just a moment. I just want to check the color on this.

[00:00:31] Unknown: Pardon me? Even better. You come here and start feeding the baby. He wants to check the color on it. Oh, please. I have no color. I have all white.

[00:00:43] Gil: Okay. Well, I

[00:00:44] Unknown: have black and white, so. I’m, I’m not a filmmaker. Happy Mother’s Day, Dad.

Come here, E. T. I react fast. I know.

[00:01:01] Gil: Hi, Ian.

[00:01:03] Unknown: Yeah. Say hi, grandpa. Hi, grandpa. You my

[00:01:07] Gil: friend.

[00:01:08] Unknown: Friend.

[00:01:09] Gil: Hey, are you my friend? Ian? Ian, are you my friend?

[00:01:15] Unknown: We are.

You’re my

[00:01:29] Gil: friend. Right?

Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Conversations and Moments

  • DeLoa
  • Jody
  • Jim
  • Gil
  • David

[00:00:00] DeLoa: Let’s go down and have Jody open here. Okay, the two 80.

He didn’t get the one.

Save one for you. Thank you, dad. Something’s leaking here. Is it? Yeah, again, it’s all wet, totally wet around her. What can we do about it? So let her, Jody and Jim. Okay. And then we’ll go from there.

Somebody at the front door.

How come this is spun like this? Won’t these kids knock it over? Yeah, that’s what it is.