Reed 34 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Fun Moments on the Water

  • Gil
  • Elizabeth
  • David
  • Jared
  • Andrew

[00:00:00] Ocean Waves: Hi!

Wave to Grandpa. He’ll tell you when to wave. Hey. Smile, David.

[00:03:25] Gil: You’re on the camera.

[00:03:27] Elizabeth: That’s the way. We’re

[00:03:29] Ocean Waves: not moving. Just a wave. And, and, smile at Grandpa. The camera’s off. Oh! Better get out of the

mat, Jared. Bye. Trying to get Andrew up. And then Yeah,

[00:03:52] Elizabeth: but it’s not full of money. Put that money on the ground, please.

[00:04:04] Gil: Well, I’ll always get in the boat and take off. I’ll get all of you taken off. Come on, come get in the boat now. Everybody wave at me. Hi! Hi! Hi! Say hi! Say bye bye! Say bye bye! Bye! Bye!