Reed 28 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Fun and Games in the front yard

  • Keith
  • DeLoa
  • Duke
  • Ellie
  • Cameron
  • Eric
  • Brian
  • Linda

[00:00:00] Keith: He already hit it. Yeah, but

[00:00:04] DeLoa: Grandpa didn’t get it. Grandpa didn’t get

[00:00:06] Keith: it. Hurry, Duke! Okay, hurry. Here we go. Good job, Duke.

[00:00:11] DeLoa: Ah! Ellie!

[00:00:12] Keith: What kind of swing is that, Cam? Ellie swings to get out of it. Swing. Swing hard!

If you insist.

Wow! Duke, Duke, get the ball, Duke! Come on,

[00:00:40] Unknown: Duke, get the

[00:00:42] DeLoa: ball! Okay, that’s mine. No, put it up.

[00:00:46] Keith: Eric, you’re wasting time. Well, he’s trying to do what Grandma’s telling him to do with his stupid hat. Don’t call a suit on you! Did you get that, yeah? Alright, over the fence.

[00:00:58] DeLoa: Home run, home

[00:01:03] Unknown: run! Brian. Are

[00:01:10] Keith: you doing me?

I know that. That’s a bad deal. Yeah, that’s really not

[00:01:17] DeLoa: a bad

[00:01:18] Keith: deal. Bonda? Uh Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Uh Ha ha ha ha ha

[00:01:27] DeLoa: ha ha ha Daddy! There’s not a lot of action going after the ball and the bike. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Let’s not do that. I don’t want that on camera. Come on, Daddy.

[00:01:38] Unknown: Ring it

[00:01:40] Keith: or go! Wow! Whoa!

Run Brian! Run! Run! It’s a fowl! It’s a fowl! Backyard where it goes around. I know. Okay, now

[00:01:54] DeLoa: do it. Go Goldie. Come here, Gold. Come here.

[00:02:00] Keith: Come here. There

[00:02:01] Unknown: you


Reed 31 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Fun and Games at the Park

  • DeLoa
  • Todd
  • Mel
  • Scott
  • Melvin
  • Grandma
  • Janet
  • Kenny
  • Ben
  • Jody
  • Benny
  • Aunt Jodi
  • Aries
  • Brian
  • Cameron
  • Eric
  • Aunt Linda
  • Uncle Cade
  • Grandpa

[00:00:00] DeLoa: We’ll go together. Yeah. All three of us

[00:00:06] Todd: will go together.

[00:00:07] DeLoa: Should we go now?

[00:00:09] Todd: Yeah, all three of us. I’ve done it a lot of times. Come here, Mel.

[00:00:13] DeLoa: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Okay,

[00:00:24] Todd: sit on your knees. Okay, right here.

Wait, Scott, wait, come here. Melvin, come here. Bounce three times and go on your butt and I’ll bounce you. Watch out. Do it again. One, two, three. Scott, not too hard, okay? Todd does it. Okay, one, two, three. There

[00:01:01] DeLoa: you go.

[00:01:04] Todd: I was catching. Last time I

[00:01:05] DeLoa: did that I was so high and I Got the wind knocked out of me. The back, that’s why I can’t jump that high.

[00:01:21] Todd: That’s your melody there.

[00:01:28] DeLoa: Alright!

Great. One more flip. Good. Wow! Did you get that, Grandma? You bet. Good. That was good.

[00:01:48] Todd: That was

[00:01:49] DeLoa: good. You’re getting brave, aren’t you?

What you doing? Okay. Now, who’s next? I am! Okay. Okay. Okay. Go ahead. Ha! Todd, do this! Show your muscles!

[00:02:30] Todd: It’s embarrassing when you’re at that long.

I’m three.

[00:02:43] DeLoa: Show your microphone! Where’s the camera?

[00:03:03] Todd: Your front foot’s cut.

[00:03:05] DeLoa: I’ll probably go over.

[00:03:10] Todd: One and a half on your knees.

[00:03:13] DeLoa: I can’t. On your knees.

[00:03:26] Todd: Do the flip on your knees, not on your feet or your stomach. I said I

[00:03:30] DeLoa: was going to do it. Okay, well, I don’t think you can shake that. This is what you do in the park. Good. Wow, flip! This is great. Very good.

Yeah. Okay, now we need to go see the camera. Good smile. Okay, get in there. Okay. Oh, yeah. Face the camera. Okay. Uh huh. Wow. Pretty clever. Honk, honk. Good. That’s what it’s supposed to be, huh? What? That’s neat. Get on your knees and then go.

That’s it, huh?

I’m gonna look back. Should we come back there, Todd? Would it be better?

[00:05:18] Todd: No. I just gotta find that ball. Come on!

[00:05:22] DeLoa: Get up there, because when you get used by a certain new girl, she’s gonna be a total doll on you. I’ll have to ask you. Where’s that phone? Go get it. Go get it, go

[00:05:39] Todd: get it. Run now, she’ll chase ya.


[00:05:43] DeLoa: on, Janet. Come on, Janet. Janet, Janet, come on. Come on, Janet. She starts

[00:05:50] Todd: to itch. Janet.

[00:05:52] DeLoa: C’mon! C’mon, Kenny! C’mon, Kenny! Kenny! Kenny! Kenny, c’mere!

C’mon, Kenny!

[00:06:29] Todd: Are you going to show us to Ben and them? And Jody.

[00:06:38] DeLoa: She’s not used to saying hi to all of you. Hi, Benny. Hi, Aunt Jodi. Hi, Benny poo. Wish you could be here. Okay. You want to get her downstairs? Yeah. Hello, everybody.

[00:06:55] Todd: Come down and visit us sometime.

[00:07:00] DeLoa: Me too.

[00:07:02] Todd: Sometime soon.

[00:07:05] DeLoa: Yeah, come visit us. Real soon. Bring the machine gun down to him. No, don’t. Yes, dear. I’m Todd.

This is Scott. Aries and Brian. Cameron, you’re going to see this, too. Hi! Hi, Eric! Hi, Cameron! Hi, Brian! Hi, Aunt Linda! Hi, Uncle Cade! Hello! Hi, Grandpa! Hi, everybody! Hello! Hello, everybody! Hello! Hello, everybody!