Reed 12 – Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: A Moment of Song and Family Connection

  • Deloa
  • Joel
  • Ian
  • Jodi

[00:00:00] Deloa: Joel, Joel. Joel, Joel. You’re the oldest boy. Come on, sing kids, here we go. I am a child of God, Joel, stop it. and He has sent me here Okay, look. This is on? Hang on, let me try that. Okay. Sing last and most kids can hear you. Okay? You I am a child of God. And He has sent me here. And given me an earthly home.

With parents kind and dear. Did they sing it? No, we are there. Sounds good to me. We’re not going to sing this time, kids. We want you to. Don’t. I know Ian doesn’t know that, Jodi. He just goes in the nursery and they go Does he sing that in the nursery?

In every way try to please. I know that’s the way. I’m the donkey, the donkey. Do it


Reed 23 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: A Snapshot of Daily Life

  • Gil
  • Elizabeth
  • Ian

[00:00:00] Unknown: Yeah. We know it’s a carrot.

[00:00:21] Gil: Elizabeth?

[00:00:24] Unknown: Which?

[00:00:24] Gil: Yeah? Come here just a moment. I just want to check the color on this.

[00:00:31] Unknown: Pardon me? Even better. You come here and start feeding the baby. He wants to check the color on it. Oh, please. I have no color. I have all white.

[00:00:43] Gil: Okay. Well, I

[00:00:44] Unknown: have black and white, so. I’m, I’m not a filmmaker. Happy Mother’s Day, Dad.

Come here, E. T. I react fast. I know.

[00:01:01] Gil: Hi, Ian.

[00:01:03] Unknown: Yeah. Say hi, grandpa. Hi, grandpa. You my

[00:01:07] Gil: friend.

[00:01:08] Unknown: Friend.

[00:01:09] Gil: Hey, are you my friend? Ian? Ian, are you my friend?

[00:01:15] Unknown: We are.

You’re my

[00:01:29] Gil: friend. Right?