Reed 35 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: A Night of Mishaps and Humor

  • DeLoa
  • Gil
  • Andrew
  • Linda
  • David

[00:00:00] DeLoa: So nice looking night, she didn’t risk it, no cost. She had to wait on other people to go back and get her and everything. And we were off chasing her out. We didn’t know that they were, and I guess they thought we would. Anyway, it was awesome.

Hi, Andrew.

Joyless. We’re leaving. We’re going to be back. We had done it. That was funny. You were sitting there like, Where are you going? And it was like, we were miserable. When the RAC is on? What? Doesn’t it go off when you stop? Sure, but it goes off.

It’s crucifying.

Give me your best side. Come on, honey. Put it on. Wet your lips. There you go. Put it on. I know you’re not filming me. I am. Put it on.

[00:01:27] Linda: Okay,

[00:01:31] DeLoa: Linda, you ready for your close up?

[00:01:33] Linda: Should there be a light on? Okay. You shouldn’t get the bag under my eyes. Bloodshot. Tiger’s the one, look. Put your glasses on me. You’ve only been

[00:01:44] DeLoa: driving 14 hours, that shouldn’t bother anybody.

I know.

I don’t even know what time it is.

David, I have a, I don’t know what a king size might be. Can you move it down? Sure. Where do you need it for? Should we, should we give Linda a second one and have her boy sleep in it and come back on the floor? Sure. Sounds

fair. Sounds fair.