Reed 26 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: A Crafting Legacy in Porcelain Doll Making

  • DeLoa
  • Randy
  • Jody
  • Jim
  • Joyce
  • Joey

[00:00:00] DeLoa: Here, put that card in there, I’m going to keep it.

The odorant body powder.

[00:00:20] Randy: Thanks. Say something to the community.

[00:00:25] DeLoa: Is this something you

[00:00:26] Randy: enjoy

[00:00:27] DeLoa: at the time? Oh, yeah. This is it. Oh, plenty more. Here he is. You

[00:00:37] Randy: need them?

[00:00:40] DeLoa: Popcorn peanut butter.

[00:00:43] Randy: With your pearls and everything.

[00:00:56] DeLoa: Whatever she’s been, she’s been, she’s part of that, isn’t she? She always has, oh brother.

[00:01:04] Randy: Oh

[00:01:05] DeLoa: my word.

[00:01:06] Randy: Is that for something? Yeah. Oh brother. Oh

[00:01:09] DeLoa: my word. Jody had that behind Jody. How the

[00:01:12] Randy: heck did you do that?

[00:01:14] DeLoa: That is so beautiful. Oh my goodness. Honey.

[00:01:19] Randy: Hold that. You make the porcelain too, huh?

[00:01:21] DeLoa: Oh, it That was part of the dress I pulled.

Oh my goodness. Honey, hold it up. Look, the dress Jody’s turned into a seamstress too. Listen, that’s what Im not You, did you do the dress yourself? Oh, I did it. Oh yeah. That was really good. That’s good, Randy. That, that, um, Well, that’s ok. Top it. That’s ok. That’s cute. You have to look under the Here, Dad. Ok, ok.

Where are you going? Hey! Look under the Ok. Come on! Hey. Don’t Bye, honey.

Here. Isn’t that lovely? Aw,

that’s so beautiful. My hands are queen. Do we get to look at her? F1 name? Dream baby. Aw Randy. You got green baby until the real one comes along.

[00:02:24] Randy: Do you believe this? Yes, please. Oh look, little porcelain hands now you’re baking the yourself.

[00:02:32] DeLoa: No, I don’t have a

[00:02:34] Randy: kill. Do you want a kill? Do I just go?

[00:02:38] DeLoa: Oh, yeah.

Do you have a kill?

[00:02:44] Randy: How much are kills?

[00:02:45] DeLoa: Oh! I don’t know either. Do you have a pattern or a tendency? Jim goes out there and sees a gas bill. I don’t have a pattern at all. This is my There’s so many little, like, yes, I did this last night. This doll, I want you to know, this doll will always be special to me.

Oh, no. Everything has been, everything has been done twice on it. Oh, you’re kidding. Uh uh. Why? Because the first body I made, it was such a little, it’s such a little body. Such a little head that I made the body small and the legs came out a little spindly. So I made it over again. And then when I made it over again, the pantaloons only didn’t come up past much, much past the legs.

So I made the pantaloons over last night. And the hat I made over. And the first dress I made, I bought a pattern for it. It was supposed to fit, so I made it. Had it all put together and put it on a dollar. It was a dumb fucking dress I’d ever stained. It looked like this big, long tube, so I, that’s

[00:03:50] Randy: not, so, I made a new

[00:03:52] DeLoa: dress for it and oh, I love it.

So this all, and I wasn’t happy with the eyes. And if you’re not happy with the eyes, I’ll,

[00:04:00] Randy: the eyes are perfect.

[00:04:01] DeLoa: I wanted to put, I wanted to take them out and put green ones in. Light green one. Are they blue? They’re dark blue. And they look good. Blue.

[00:04:11] Randy: Hmm. How are you sculpting the head?

[00:04:14] DeLoa: You get, you get a basic, uh, you get green wear, how wear you buy.

[00:04:21] Randy: That’s incredible.

[00:04:23] DeLoa: And then you paint the face and you put on the car. Oh. And then

[00:04:26] Randy: you fire

[00:04:27] DeLoa: get it ready to take first you so. Is that right? I’ve

[00:04:33] Randy: done a

[00:04:34] DeLoa: little,

[00:04:35] Randy: you know,

[00:04:36] DeLoa: play. Enough to

[00:04:37] Randy: know. And

[00:04:38] DeLoa: she’s a perfectionist. That’s

[00:04:40] Randy: too much, Jody. That green

[00:04:42] DeLoa: is real. I knew she was into something real here. She said, I can’t believe what I’ve taken on.

We’re doing a certain course of chemical chemistry. The thing is that I didn’t have any kind of We make

[00:04:54] Randy: it in the green state first. And that state’s in the workable state.

[00:04:58] DeLoa: And

[00:04:59] Randy: then it goes into the porcelain.

[00:05:04] DeLoa: Oh, I love it. You can see that on here. I love to see those on a bed. Oh, I know. I love the color of the dress.

[00:05:16] Randy: Oh, that’s a beautiful color. That dress?

[00:05:19] DeLoa: I buy the eyes and cut them in.

[00:05:22] Randy: You do?

[00:05:22] DeLoa: Well, I cut the eyes out. And then I buy the eyes and set them in on the back of it. She won the first prize on that.

Her first doll she made, did you see it? Yes. Uh, we took a picture of

[00:05:38] Randy: it. Picture only.

[00:05:41] DeLoa: That was a blue ribbon doll. That was a blue ribbon doll, yes. It’s not dark. Oh, isn’t that pretty? Uh huh. That’s the color Joey did her tree in. This is a little bit darker. Well, the underneath is,

[00:05:57] Randy: uh, So you can buy the hand and the green state too?

[00:06:00] DeLoa: Uh huh. I didn’t realize it was going to come out that hot. The underneath is a real nice color. Well, this is very pretty. I love this. Very, very dainty. Oh, that’s

[00:06:10] Randy: perfect.

Well, I guess where you buy the stuff from, you have all the tools for cutting

[00:06:19] DeLoa: and everything.

[00:06:32] Randy: As hobbies go, what really is

[00:06:34] DeLoa: it?

[00:06:35] Randy: Hobbies are expensive. And just any hobby you look at are, they’re expensive.

[00:06:41] DeLoa: Joyce. very much.

[00:06:49] Randy: We’ll treasure that, you can

[00:06:50] DeLoa: bet.

[00:06:55] Randy: Okay, get it

[00:06:55] DeLoa: right? You have to be a little artistic, I think.

[00:06:58] Randy: No, no, I mean every time. She’s a dollhouse. Isn’t

[00:07:06] DeLoa: it adorable? I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for the sewing, too. I know, the sewing was great. I gave these girls some sewing lessons when they were growing up and they didn’t take words of doubt.

Look at our baby.

[00:07:25] Randy: I did. How long did the firing cycle on it take?

[00:07:30] DeLoa: How long was it? How long did it fire? I have no idea.