Reed 24 Craftsmanship, Family Bonding, Doll Making, Creative Hobbies, Handmade Dolls

  • Randy
  • John
  • Jody
  • Barb
  • Chuck
  • Gloria
  • Jim
  • Marcy
  • Julie
  • Mr. Evans
  • Dillon
  • Elizabeth
  • Karen

[00:00:00] Randy and John: Couldn’t trade those blue eyes. Jodi, I wouldn’t change those blue eyes

[00:00:06] Jody: for anything. Barb, what is it? I won’t let you. She’s looking in the box, oh, oh, oh. I love the blue eyes.

[00:00:19] Randy and John: Okay, and then go ahead, Chuck.

[00:00:21] Jody: It is you.

[00:00:22] Randy and John: Oh my goodness, isn’t that gorgeous? Yes, it is.

[00:00:26] Jody: Ooh!

Which one’s that? That’s Gloria. Gloria.

I recorded it, Jim recorded it. I did the work, Jim paid for it. I’ve been through those books, I know. I did a lot of babysitting. A lot of babysitting.

[00:00:55] Randy and John: Thanks, Jim. Thank

[00:00:56] Jody: you, Jim. I love her. She’s adorable. She’s adorable. What’s her

[00:01:08] Randy and John: name? She can be a boy or a girl. Green baby.

[00:01:14] Jody: Green

[00:01:14] Randy and John: baby. Green

[00:01:15] Jody: baby. She’s definitely a girl.

[00:01:19] Randy and John: She’s a girl. Can I see? Can I see? Can I see?

[00:01:28] Jody: Can I see? Oh look, I love my little booties. Can you make me a little booty? Oh, look at my little booties.

She happens to have, um, porcelain feet. Oh, she does? Oh, I can see them. Can I look at her toes too? Yeah, look at her toes. She has very eyes. Look at her eyes. This is Gloria. Gloria. Gloria. And Livia. That’s

[00:01:55] Randy and John: pretty. Oh my goodness,

[00:01:58] Jody: look at those eyes.

They look right through you. I just can’t believe you.

[00:02:07] Randy and John: That’s just hard to believe.

[00:02:13] Jody: I just can’t believe you guys. They just look like they were going through you. When you said you were going through me. Here, Dad. I thought you mentioned, I thought you were talking about your son. Focus. There. There.

She’s got you got your milkshake and your nails cleaned and everything. I’m trying to get you stuff to your own account.

[00:02:40] Randy and John: Really?

[00:02:41] Jody: Where do you bring them when you get some wires? You have a place to, you have a class or something? Yeah. The dimples are there. Sometimes when you’re cleaning you take them out and have to put them back.

This one, now this has been done twice because I, I, uh, I had it all cleaned. And, uh, I had it at the kitchen table. And I was just, I just finished doing the eyes. And the eyes, the eyes take a long time. And Marcy came up and got in my lap with a cat, and she hit it. And she, she broke her head. Oh, no, no, no, no.

But she, she said she, she has two heads. She has two heads. She has two heads. Ha! Aww. Isn’t that beautiful? Beautiful, my goodness.

I wanted all the dresses to be different. Oh, no,

[00:03:33] Randy and John: no, no, no, no. That’s, well, you know.

[00:03:35] Jody: I love it. They all have their own characters. This will look so pretty, honey, on a bed. You know how pretty it’s gonna look on a bed? That color? That’s gonna look beautiful. Oh, I’m already waiting. Oh, sorry. You have to see the little card.

Oh. I’m going to.

[00:03:55] Unknown: Do you want to open this, dear? Okay. Okay. Okay.

[00:03:58] Randy and John: No, you open it.

[00:04:01] Jody: Back off on her a little bit. There. Not too much, Dad. Go on back in.

[00:04:13] Randy and John: Mom?

[00:04:14] Jody: What?

[00:04:15] Randy and John: I bet you have a doll.

[00:04:18] Jody: Huh? Oh, sure. I was just, I was just watching it. Oh, she’s so careful with the ribbon, I I’ll rip it off. Well, this comes from Dad,

[00:04:35] Randy and John: check your tape, make sure it’s running. It’s running.

So, does she crack the head? Are they hollow?

[00:04:52] Jody: Oh, yes.

[00:04:54] Randy and John: Oh, yes.

[00:04:55] Jody: Um, when the green ones, they’re very In fact, they tell you when you’re working on it, if you get too tense to put it down and Because you could be working on it and go, and just crush the whole thing.

[00:05:08] Randy and John: So they’re very fragile. They’re

[00:05:09] Jody: very fragile.

[00:05:10] Randy and John: Even now.

[00:05:12] Jody: Well, they’re like glass now. They’re, they’re brittle now. Do you hear that? It’s like glass. They’re not as, uh, they’re not as fragile as they are. It scares me to have

[00:05:22] Randy and John: something like that around.

[00:05:24] Jody: Oh, I mean, we’re, I’m careful. We’re

[00:05:27] Unknown: careful. Well, let me know. You must

[00:05:30] Randy and John: have done a lot of babysitting.

[00:05:34] Unknown: We appreciate that, Jim. Thank you, Jim.

[00:05:37] Randy and John: Every Tuesday night. Plus, when she works on it at home, huh? All the sewing.

[00:05:49] Jody: Beautiful.

Are they signed anywhere,

[00:05:54] Randy and John: Jody?

[00:05:56] Jody: Uh, it’s here engraved on the back. This is beautiful. And the back of what, the head? And the back of the head, yeah. It’s his Rupro. Beautiful. 84 Jody. It’s his reproduction. It’s an original. It’s a reproduction of an original. It’s his Rupro. Hello? Jody? Oh

[00:06:20] Randy and John: my goodness. I can’t believe the work.

[00:06:29] Unknown: Hello? Hi. What

[00:06:32] Jody: is your face? I don’t know. You look so nice. Eyes match. I have red eyes. Uh huh. Did you see? Okay. Now, this, that one has the, the hair, um, actually, Look at you. I don’t see any. I can’t believe how much work.

[00:06:55] Randy and John: Gosh.

[00:06:57] Jody: Oh,

[00:06:57] Randy and John: look at how beautiful.

[00:07:06] Jody: Barbara, you look like you’re holding a real baby. The hands, you know, they’re like just slightly moving.

[00:07:16] Randy and John: How do you get the eyes in there, Jody? Very careful.

[00:07:21] Jody: At the back. Um, until you get the, see the green words. Some of it’s pretty thick, so you get, you bevel out the back of the eyes and get the um, How do you get the um, You have a, you have a little ball on a stick and you go up inside the head and you bevel out the back of the eyes until it gets real thin.

So that the eyes will sit in there. And you look at some of your dogs and they don’t bevel until they get really thin. Bevel the eyes so that, uh, you get the,

[00:07:51] Unknown: well,

[00:07:51] Jody: you can see the difference. Yeah, she, she showed me the other night. Because we know somebody that’s been doing this a long

[00:07:59] Unknown: time and Julie was just surprised that she

[00:08:02] Jody: hadn’t beveled the eyes.

This one here, um, Century, she’s called Century Dog. Century. And it’s a, it’s a very old mole. So she doesn’t have a lot of teeth and a lot of gums. So she, you know, everything’s, what do you call it, everything’s dead. Oh! But, um, I had her cat on them, and took her into the fire. And the lady had taken it to her home.

And she was carrying it in her house, and she killed her cat in the house. Oh my god. I killed the cat. The cat is dead. Yeah, she called and told me. She what? She called and told me that she killed the cat. Oh. Well, you had one trouble.

[00:08:49] Unknown: That’s,

[00:08:50] Randy and John: that’s one. Or you thought that she didn’t have it, she might have done it on purpose or made a hole in it.

Yeah, I, yeah, because it

[00:08:56] Jody: was, this is, and I called the place where I got the, where I got the greenware. And said, and said, I’ve got, I’ve got to have a, um, The hair, I, the hair that Gloria went to, I handed Gloria in and, uh, sent her doll’s head, and she says, well, we don’t have it, and I said, but I bought it there.

And she says, oh, well, but we don’t, um, have the mold, the mold just belongs to somebody that, you know, comes in, and I said, well, I’ve gotta have, you know, I’ve got these two hairs, I have to have the head, you see. So she says she tried to get it for me. So she did get it for me. So I don’t know, to do it three pieces.

[00:09:32] Randy and John: Yeah. Call NOMS, I don’t know. Do you have access to any of those, Mr. Evans? Oh yeah, though, especially the dental stuff is usually more expensive than, you know. I’m still

[00:09:50] Jody: careful deciding which side to use it on. But,

[00:09:53] Randy and John: but, it may not be, you know. Depending on how, how big your other one, you know, how big Probably the heads are going to be fired at one time.

Unless somebody’s been killed. Yeah. You know, that’s what I was wondering.

[00:10:06] Jody: Oh, you mean a lot of, uh, Uh, Dillon and I was going out

[00:10:08] Randy and John: of business all the time. We picked it up, uh, See, that’s what I’m thinking. When shipping down here. We just, we picked it up. I mean, it would be nice if she could fire her own stuff, wouldn’t it?

[00:10:17] Jody: Look at that face. That

[00:10:20] Randy and John: was the head, probably, huh?

[00:10:21] Jody: Yeah. And you

[00:10:25] Randy and John: cover them up with little You have

[00:10:26] Jody: to. If they clip together, they’ll break. Oh, that’s right.

[00:10:29] Randy and John: If they

[00:10:30] Jody: clip together, they’ll break. Isn’t

[00:10:32] Randy and John: that something? Oh, I never

[00:10:35] Jody: did see the film. There’s a little spot on the bottom of the foot. It’s porcelain all the way up.

The whole leg. Don’t

[00:10:45] Randy and John: let them click together. I

[00:10:45] Jody: won’t. I heard. Oh, she’s beautiful.

[00:10:49] Randy and John: I just checked. Not okay.

[00:10:50] Jody: Who is she?

[00:10:52] Randy and John: Wouldn’t you rather have me? Gloria. Gloria. I knew, I

[00:10:54] Jody: knew I’d seen that face. Which one was that? They have Gloria in the book I looked at, right? I think so. I don’t know, I don’t know. Is

[00:11:01] Randy and John: there?

[00:11:02] Jody: You didn’t Tell me the name of the

[00:11:03] Randy and John: book. Elizabeth?

Okay, but I don’t know that. I’m just, I’m just being careful, too.

[00:11:10] Unknown: Okay. Be careful with

[00:11:17] Jody: him. You tired? You can’t rule out there.

[00:11:35] Unknown: I

[00:11:36] Jody: can’t. I still, I, I’m a marvel at porcelain, but I marvel just as much at the sewing. Because I know sewing. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll make dolls, but, um, in fact, I’ll be graduating to make little dolls. I enjoy that. Enjoy what? I enjoy the doll making. But not the sewing. I do not enjoy the sewing. That’s a lot of work.

I don’t enjoy the sewing either. Do you have a machine? I have a machine, yeah. Personally. But I didn’t have any patterns. I had one little pattern for the bottom, so I did. And that’s how I made this doll. Four little shoes. Do they, do they? I mean, when you buy

[00:12:22] Unknown: now, let me see your little face. Their faces are, oh, I know. They’re so different.

[00:12:31] Jody: Green babies also got a completely different body this way. You know that, that is fascinating to see the difference in those two.

[00:12:39] Randy and John: Hold them this way.

[00:12:42] Jody: Look at the difference in the size. The heads are almost the same. This one’s a little bigger, but Look at the size of the nose.

[00:12:50] Randy and John: I like the small forehead.

[00:12:52] Jody: Ah, I do too.

[00:12:53] Randy and John: I like, I like these eyes. These

[00:12:56] Jody: eyes? Yeah, those look good. But I like the forehead. I like this one. It’s, uh, It’s got more of a face. I just can’t figure out how much money you’re making. I know. I’m sorry.

Would you break it? No, I wouldn’t. Let

[00:13:16] Randy and John: me see. Yeah, take that camera out. Go ahead, open it.

[00:13:19] Jody: Randy, sweetie. Camera chopper. I

[00:13:22] Randy and John: like that. That turned out pretty good. Oh, yeah. Those were all real nice. Do you feel pretty? Beautiful.

[00:13:31] Jody: I hope you all like it. You are our star. Every time I go past one of these, I go, look,

[00:13:56] Unknown: John! Look! Well, I said, thank you.

[00:14:00] Jody: We’ve had to get these through, uh, See you next

[00:14:03] Unknown: time.

[00:14:03] Jody: And when we told her to get food, she said, Oh, Karen and I both have seen one that’s less expensive. Jody? I

[00:14:15] Randy and John: can’t hear Jody.