Reed 10 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Celebrations and Surprises at Home

  • DeLoa
  • Randy
  • Gil
  • Ben
  • Lonnie
  • Fred
  • Grammy
  • Jody

[00:00:00] DeLoa: You need to eat some other things as well as this here. Wait a minute, how about this one? Okay,

[00:00:14] Randy: if you don’t eat it, I’ll stand here. No, we

[00:00:17] Unknown: don’t want it back there. I want all of it. Where? And it

[00:00:28] Randy: fell out of escrow. And I called Dad to tell him the bad news, and he told me no bad news. He says, I sold the clubhouse for you, I’ve just been waiting for it to fall out of escrow.

So now it’s in with his buyer, that he sold. And he did sell them too, when this guy came over, he was sold. He was ready to buy it, right there and then. It was fun to think about

[00:00:52] DeLoa: it.

[00:00:53] Randy: I called the school. This guy owns a saloon down here. I called the school. What’s the school? Uh, it’s a music institute. Music, uh.

Musicians Institute. Yeah, Musicians Institute that Lonnie goes to.

[00:01:04] Unknown: So I had told him that. I wasn’t sure if he was

[00:01:07] Gil: really on the market yet. And

[00:01:08] Unknown: as a matter of fact, he really was.

[00:01:11] Gil: I called, I don’t know if this guy, a half hour before or something, but I called the school to get a hold of him. I thought I’d better contact him.

Try to find out about this. And he says, well, he’s on a meeting someplace. Turns out he’s competing with Fred already.

[00:01:24] Unknown: He’s

[00:01:26] Gil: not waiting for anything. Got

[00:01:28] Unknown: it. Okay.

[00:01:31] Randy: Pass the hand plate down, please. So anyway, publicly and on film, thank you, Dad. You’re welcome, Grammy.

[00:01:37] Unknown: And

[00:01:42] DeLoa: then if you finish the desk early, you’ll be saying thank you more.

You better

[00:01:46] Randy: believe it. Yeah.

[00:01:51] DeLoa: I’m trying to get these down. Jody hasn’t had any. Are you having beans? Ben hasn’t had any. Turn around. Ben, turn around to the camera for a few minutes to say hi. Hi. Hi, this is Ben. Turn around. Hi. Ben, and he’s celebrating his fifth tournament. Turn around. It’s 15th birthday.

It’s Tuesday.

[00:02:20] Randy: Wow. Happy birthday, Ben. Happy

[00:02:22] DeLoa: birthday, Ben.