Reed 23 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: A Snapshot of Daily Life

  • Gil
  • Elizabeth
  • Ian

[00:00:00] Unknown: Yeah. We know it’s a carrot.

[00:00:21] Gil: Elizabeth?

[00:00:24] Unknown: Which?

[00:00:24] Gil: Yeah? Come here just a moment. I just want to check the color on this.

[00:00:31] Unknown: Pardon me? Even better. You come here and start feeding the baby. He wants to check the color on it. Oh, please. I have no color. I have all white.

[00:00:43] Gil: Okay. Well, I

[00:00:44] Unknown: have black and white, so. I’m, I’m not a filmmaker. Happy Mother’s Day, Dad.

Come here, E. T. I react fast. I know.

[00:01:01] Gil: Hi, Ian.

[00:01:03] Unknown: Yeah. Say hi, grandpa. Hi, grandpa. You my

[00:01:07] Gil: friend.

[00:01:08] Unknown: Friend.

[00:01:09] Gil: Hey, are you my friend? Ian? Ian, are you my friend?

[00:01:15] Unknown: We are.

You’re my

[00:01:29] Gil: friend. Right?