Reed 25 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Acts of Bravery and Community Help During FiresReed 25

  • Randy
  • Jody
  • John
  • Bruce Nielsen
  • Warner

[00:00:00] Randy: The security was blanketed from the

[00:00:04] Jody: tech. You know,

[00:00:06] Randy: you know that that’s the, just around that corner is where I went to that burning. Didn’t you go into that burning house with me? That was you and I. That place was burning. We went up to check and see if anybody was upstairs. And the stairs were on fire.

The stairs were on fire. The building was totally engulfed. And we went up into the top floor. Second floor, looked around, and, uh, We grabbed the guy’s desk. Nobody was up there. We grabbed his

[00:00:33] John: desk. Grabbed his desk and just figured we’d grab one thing and went on down with it. We figured it would have papers in it.

Then we also, uh, Pushed his car out of the garage on the street. Pushed the car out. In the place where the

[00:00:46] Randy: ground. the ground.

[00:00:48] Jody: And then, then you went back down the mower one time, and that was huge down. Yeah,

[00:00:52] Randy: that was pretty heavy duty. Okay. The scariest one I ever did was with Warners off in Saugus. Um.

Texas Canyon area. The fire went right over us.

[00:01:05] John: That fire up there, don’t you remember that? It was all around. We stayed at that house. We were on TV that time. They were taking people out by helicopter. And they said no, so they said okay.

[00:01:17] Jody: And they told him about the Boy Scouts. They still show that fire once in a while.

The Boy Scouts, like on TV, they said, The Boy Scouts are up here helping the slave houses for their good times. We were too, well, we were saving the house.

[00:01:30] John: The fireman said, well, if you’re going to stay, give us a hose.

[00:01:35] Randy: Houses were burning like you couldn’t believe it. Right in front of the

[00:01:39] John: grass, burning right around this guy’s house.

We were up on the roof. The homes had burned down. Randy and I and Bruce, right? Mm hmm. Bruce Nielsen. We were talking about houses. I suppose I stuck her down and by the time that guy came home, he had a home. The only home. He

[00:01:56] Jody: didn’t

[00:01:56] John: have anymore neighbors. He

[00:01:59] Jody: didn’t have anymore neighbors. So, we didn’t stay that night, though.

He had his home.

[00:02:05] Randy: We got a fire truck. We got an old pump truck up there on that one. Warner and I took it up where they wouldn’t take it into the fire and we took it in and saved this guy’s ass. When burning. And the fire blew right over it, went right over it. Well, didn’t you get

[00:02:22] Jody: into a pond while it went over?

[00:02:24] Randy: Yes, we went into a pond. And

[00:02:25] Jody: underwater? We

[00:02:26] Randy: got into the water. It blew right over us. I mean, it was moving. We could see it coming. We wet everything down and got, got ourselves into the pond.

[00:02:35] Jody: Randy took Dad and I for a ride after that older couple came out. When we saved the house just cried. They, they said we couldn’t.

We just had to start all over. We were just too old to start over and we couldn’t save the little thing because Guy had been here. It had a home because look around us. Were the only home here.

[00:02:55] Randy: and everything else, all the other homes, everything else burned. It was the only house we were at. And they were such a cute old coach.


[00:03:03] Jody: they were cute and they were, they

[00:03:04] Randy: always asked me to come back.

[00:03:06] Jody: They were old. They couldn’t. Yeah. That’s funny. You remember that,

[00:03:13] Randy: mom, but they’re, but they’re gonna be getting touched out there. That was one of the scariest ones I’d ever remember because the fire went right over us

[00:03:24] Jody: and

[00:03:24] Randy: we knew it was going to, that’s what was scary.

You know, we didn’t know what to smoke. Are you ready for

[00:03:29] Jody: Jody to open this deal?

[00:03:31] Randy: Yeah.

[00:03:33] John: Touchdown, BYU! We

[00:03:35] Jody: don’t have time for this. We’re doing touchdown. Huh? Ten points? What

[00:03:44] John: is

[00:03:47] Randy: this

[00:03:51] Jody: for now? I think it’s um

[00:03:53] Randy: Are they going to do a two point conversion? I don’t know.

[00:03:56] Jody: 17 to 17?

[00:03:58] Randy: I’ll bet they do.

[00:03:58] Jody: Is it going to be talking?

Oh, yeah. Right. I always liked it when

[00:04:09] John: it was

[00:04:11] Jody: talking. Open your present, Judy. Oh! I just

[00:04:17] John: love it.

[00:04:19] Jody: What happened? Oh, is that candy? Is that a lion? Oh, the lion. Oh, I just love

[00:04:26] Randy: it. Have you felt

[00:04:28] Jody: that? Did you feel this? Don’t feel it. Don’t barf it. That’s mine. Okay, don’t feel it. Come on. Oh, I just love it. Oh, thank you.

What is it? It’s, it’s one of these. It’s a lion. Isn’t it pretty? Oh, very nice. Oh, thank you. Go get any of that. I’m glad. An actual basketball associ. I wonder if I have one. No, isn’t it yours there

right now? This is something

Sugg. We can snuggle it. Okay, well , I know Jim. I have to think about it. , is that I,

[00:05:22] John: no, I was just saying that Well, we got both of you guys something you enjoyed.

[00:05:32] Jody: Oh, oh, you mean them Really could enjoy it.

[00:05:40] Randy: There’s lots of things that are out

[00:05:41] Jody: there. Check this out, man. Okay, where, where’s the gift

[00:05:47] John: at? Where’s that?

[00:05:50] Jody: Where? Does

[00:05:51] John: it matter? Yes, it does matter.

[00:05:54] Jody: Yeah.

[00:06:05] John: Your toy. Not Randy’s.

[00:06:06] Jody: Not Randy’s. Your toy. We’re gonna open another one. You and Randy open it at the same time. Oh, we have to let Jim open it. Since I would just open this one.

[00:06:14] John: We have to open them at the same time? What I was telling them is, it’s something that I’ve really enjoyed as a little kid, even though

[00:06:20] Unknown: it’s

[00:06:21] John: Are you ready?

There is Go. This is a couple years ago, when these were popular, made out of cardboard and plastic. What

[00:06:29] Jody: was that? Yeah.

[00:06:31] John: What they’re getting. And I’m saying that, I’m telling Jodi and Dennis, their kids are really enjoying it.

[00:06:36] Jody: And I think

[00:06:37] John: it’s something that, you know, they deserve to see.

[00:06:39] Jody: I’m trying

[00:06:39] John: to keep it even here.

I think you’re, I think you’re about Go!

[00:06:53] Jody: I’m glad I didn’t try and open this one. Look at this all, all taped up.

[00:06:59] John: Now here’s the campaign.

[00:07:01] Jody: Randy.

[00:07:05] John: A Randy suggestion.

Randy. Randy. Have this chair

[00:07:17] Randy: moved over there, will ya?

[00:07:24] John: Whatever you say, Dad. Okay. I can’t move in there though, dad.

[00:07:47] Jody: Here. Randy, how you doing, honey?

[00:07:59] John: Oh, I’m fine at ease. Laughter.

[00:08:02] Jody: Like I said. We enjoyed it. Cardboard and plastic. Cardboard and plastic. Cardboard and plastic, right. This is going to be so neat over here. Maybe it’s not getting anywhere. It’s

[00:08:17] John: not doing anything.

[00:08:18] Jody: Honey, I’m

[00:08:19] John: down

[00:08:19] Jody: with being neat. You don’t have any of those things in there.

Usually in

[00:08:22] John: conjunction with, uh, critically. Yeah. Wow, that’s nice, John. That’s what you can fit it on there. Oh, I know what it

[00:08:34] Jody: is. I think. I think. Oh, yeah!

[00:08:39] John: Oh, yeah!

[00:08:41] Jody: The

[00:08:42] John: slide is so weird! The slide is so weird!

[00:08:49] Jody: Oh!

[00:08:50] John: Oh! You take

[00:08:52] Jody: that off? That paper off?

[00:08:55] John: Yeah, take the paper off.

[00:08:56] Jody: Oh, it’s brass?

[00:08:57] John: Yeah, it’s brass.

[00:08:58] Jody: Oh!

[00:08:59] John: You have to turn those in different directions when opening.

[00:09:01] Jody: You have to

[00:09:02] John: turn Look at the design on, uh, Sandy. Yeah. Uh, look what’s on the glass, anyway.

[00:09:07] Unknown: What is

[00:09:08] John: it? Hot Air Balloon. Oh, Hot Air

[00:09:10] Jody: Balloon.

[00:09:10] John: Yeah. But it might even be pretty at, uh, looking at the Christmas tree, too.

[00:09:14] Jody: Oh, yeah.

[00:09:15] John: Now, see, that’s something I enjoyed when I was a kid.


[00:09:17] Jody: I love that.

[00:09:18] John: I remember those. Cardboard and plastic. All

[00:09:21] Jody: right. Yeah. That’s a trick. Hot Air Balloon. Elizabeth. You. Elizabeth. Oh, how beautiful. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. Go around

[00:09:31] Randy: there and look at the light. It’s called a kaleidoscope.

[00:09:34] Jody: That’s

[00:09:34] Randy: beautiful. Thank you.

[00:09:36] Jody: Let me show you

[00:09:37] Randy: that.

[00:09:38] John: Let’s

[00:09:38] Randy: go.

[00:09:39] John: Wow! Oh, man! Oh! Check this out! Didn’t I show you the rubies?

[00:09:44] Jody: Yeah.

[00:09:45] Randy: See, I like that, too. Oh, that’s beautiful. Look at the Christmas tree.

[00:09:56] Jody: Did you look through there, Mom? Yeah. Oh, that was a joke? You know, those things you want to do, you can’t. Oh, you can’t shake them, and Yeah, it doesn’t work.

This is great. I don’t like to shake them. Everybody wants a turtle. Oh! It’s like goldfish in a bowl. Yeah, right. Oh, I went, you know, all my childhood was fun. She’ll catch you coming and getting it. You said I was bad, huh? No, no, no. I wanted to trick you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s like a little palm tree. And it would just smell awful.

And then I or my dad would go back to the very end of that year, which was going to be very cultural. Almost every two weeks, you know, they would die. Sure enough, Dad would go back and get more. We used to name

[00:10:37] John: them. That’s really weird, isn’t it? Huh? Yeah. That’s a trick. There’s so many different designs and different, like, systems like that.

Oh, look at this one here.

[00:10:47] Jody: I don’t think we

[00:10:49] John: can move on it.

[00:10:51] Jody: No, no, look at this. I’ve never seen those. Do it

[00:11:02] Randy: slow, Dad. Do it slow, real slow.

[00:11:04] Jody: Do you

[00:11:10] John: know

[00:11:13] Jody: that you can turn one one way and one the other like this? No.

[00:11:19] Randy: I

[00:11:19] Jody: don’t know.

[00:11:20] Randy: You can really create. I haven’t done it. Well, I haven’t been. I’ve been

[00:11:24] Jody: turning both at the same time.

Oh, you get two. You can turn them the opposite way from each other, Jody. Oh. Oh, let me do that. Turn Lexus away from each other. Oh, Randy, try this. That’s how you do it. I know, but try it the other way. Did you see that? No. Whoa, did you do that, Dad? Let me see it. Look at the tree when you do it.

[00:11:49] Randy: Whoa.

[00:11:49] Jody: Oh, my goodness.

Look at that.

[00:11:53] Randy: Did you do that, John? I haven’t got the I

[00:11:57] Jody: haven’t got the You can try, Mom. Here, you can try, Mom.

[00:12:03] John: Spin it. Wee

[00:12:06] Jody: oo. Wee oo. Isn’t that beautiful? It’s very pretty. Let’s see how this looks at first. It’s fun to see

[00:12:14] John: what you can create.

[00:12:15] Jody: Now, where did you try the alignment? That’s what I can’t Is that right?

I don’t know. I haven’t seen kaleidoscopes in so long.

[00:12:25] John: It’s fun to turn this one this way a little bit. And then, you know, go

[00:12:29] Jody: like this. Oh, hey. Yeah, that’s what I was doing. Opposite way.

[00:12:32] John: Really do it. Just do half turns like that. Did you see it there? Oh, boy.

[00:12:37] Jody: Jim got a new

[00:12:40] Randy: one going. Look

[00:12:42] Jody: at Jim. Wow!

[00:12:44] Randy: Those are, those are really neat.

How about putting a motor drive on there? Yeah. so

[00:12:48] John: much. guys.

[00:12:49] Unknown: And

[00:12:50] John: then the other one just kind of

[00:12:53] Unknown: flip it

[00:12:54] John: backwards. Here, let

[00:12:56] Unknown: me help you. Uh oh. That’s great. There you go. There

[00:13:01] Randy: you go. Uh

[00:13:02] Jody: oh. Oh,

[00:13:03] Randy: hang

[00:13:04] Jody: on. Wow. Those things are therapeutic.

Yeah, really. It’s the one really big one that we’ve been doing. Did you make that up, or did you hear that some time ago? No, I think it’s coming out. Oh, I’m sorry.

[00:13:22] John: It’s wonderful. I bet you could finish

[00:13:25] Jody: that. Yeah. Because you’re not thinking of anything else except for the creation of the epilogue. Yeah.

[00:13:34] John: But you can see those, the kids are gonna get a hold of it

[00:13:38] Jody: really big.

I know we had one that was silver and it, but it wasn’t nice home

[00:13:48] Randy: or two.

Look at this, 17 17, fourth quarter. Alright, let’s watch the end of the game for a few minutes. This is about, this is gonna, I mean, this is a good game, 17

[00:14:04] Unknown: 17.

[00:14:06] Randy: Well, it’ll be over in just a few minutes.

Reed 28 Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Fun and Games in the front yard

  • Keith
  • DeLoa
  • Duke
  • Ellie
  • Cameron
  • Eric
  • Brian
  • Linda

[00:00:00] Keith: He already hit it. Yeah, but

[00:00:04] DeLoa: Grandpa didn’t get it. Grandpa didn’t get

[00:00:06] Keith: it. Hurry, Duke! Okay, hurry. Here we go. Good job, Duke.

[00:00:11] DeLoa: Ah! Ellie!

[00:00:12] Keith: What kind of swing is that, Cam? Ellie swings to get out of it. Swing. Swing hard!

If you insist.

Wow! Duke, Duke, get the ball, Duke! Come on,

[00:00:40] Unknown: Duke, get the

[00:00:42] DeLoa: ball! Okay, that’s mine. No, put it up.

[00:00:46] Keith: Eric, you’re wasting time. Well, he’s trying to do what Grandma’s telling him to do with his stupid hat. Don’t call a suit on you! Did you get that, yeah? Alright, over the fence.

[00:00:58] DeLoa: Home run, home

[00:01:03] Unknown: run! Brian. Are

[00:01:10] Keith: you doing me?

I know that. That’s a bad deal. Yeah, that’s really not

[00:01:17] DeLoa: a bad

[00:01:18] Keith: deal. Bonda? Uh Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Uh Ha ha ha ha ha

[00:01:27] DeLoa: ha ha ha Daddy! There’s not a lot of action going after the ball and the bike. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Let’s not do that. I don’t want that on camera. Come on, Daddy.

[00:01:38] Unknown: Ring it

[00:01:40] Keith: or go! Wow! Whoa!

Run Brian! Run! Run! It’s a fowl! It’s a fowl! Backyard where it goes around. I know. Okay, now

[00:01:54] DeLoa: do it. Go Goldie. Come here, Gold. Come here.

[00:02:00] Keith: Come here. There

[00:02:01] Unknown: you


Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Meagan Sings

In a warm and sincere exchange, David insists on turning off the TV, shifting focus to a more meaningful activity. Meagan then sings a song that expresses her willingness to give what she can in simplicity, emphasizing the importance of giving her heart. Their interaction radiates love and simplicity in everyday moments.

  • David
  • Meagan

[00:00:00] David: Nobody’s gonna listen. Okay, nobody listen to our TV. They’re just gonna do it for money. Turn that TV off. No. Turn the TV off. Return the TV off. Okay. You tell me when you’re ready to do it, so Okay. Go do the little card. Okay. Okay. I don’t see the document, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, uh, uh, uh, uhm. Oh, no, no, no, no. Mom. Hey, Hey, are you back in? Let me see your logs and I’ll come here again. How do you make scans? Uh, here, come here, let her come here. So, um, um, When you’re going to school, Um, um, I mean, um, Stop! Hello. [00:01:45] Meagan: What can I give him, poor as I am? If I were a shepherd I would give him a lamb. If I were a wise man, I would do my part, but which can I give him? I would give him my heart. That was nice. [00:02:03] David: Thank you. Did they see the heart? Show them the heart again. Show them the heart again.

Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: A Whimsical Family Gathering

  • DeLoa
  • Marjorie
  • Daryl
  • Marcy
  • Johnny
  • Tommy
  • Elizabeth
  • David
  • Dylan
  • Noah
  • Jim
  • Jerry
  • Jody
  • Bill
  • Joel
  • Andrew
  • Ben
  • Paul Stevenson
  • Gil
  • Van

[00:00:00] DeLoa: M A G I N. You look like a witch. See that? I got M A G I N. That was Marjorie. Marjorie? I don’t know. I thought Daryl was Marjorie. Over he goes. Over he goes. Marcy? That’s a paw, Johnny. Darryl? You can’t touch me. I don’t know. I’m gonna write a letter to Tommy. Don’t sing

[00:00:38] Elizabeth: trumpet now, Tony. Wait, do pigeons eat squirrel soy?

[00:00:47] DeLoa: It’s a little bright in front of you. It’s Tommy’s low life.

You must know if there’s any more pepper. What do you think that is right there? Wash me mouth out. So we run down some. Um,

[00:01:14] David: it’s pretty, you know, here it is. So pretty. I, yeah,

[00:01:17] DeLoa: it like that needed that I’ve been, I almost didn’t it today. Oh, I’m glad you did. I.

[00:01:31] David: Show them the other one.

[00:01:32] DeLoa: Show them the other one.

Thank you for coming. Are Dylan and Noah coming down as well? He is waiting to open his present.

[00:01:50] David: That’s sick. Cars run over

[00:01:52] DeLoa: it. Look at your thumb, Jim. Look No, I didn’t. He wants to open his. He didn’t open his for you today. But he didn’t? There was no hiding it back there. Dad! Dad! Hey, Jerry, do you have that drone in your booth? Don’t, don’t, don’t! Not at me! You’re a liar! You know you love being on that thing, don’t you?

You had some faces at yourself today, you and Joel. I can’t wait until Friday. Get down, Andrew. Not that way. What did you do, babe?

[00:02:43] David: Okay. Jody and Jim, can we record this?

[00:02:46] DeLoa: Oh, is it working

[00:02:48] David: here

[00:02:52] DeLoa: on my throat?

[00:02:54] David: Andrew, get off the table

[00:02:56] DeLoa: Andrew. Start over. Get down.

Oh, you smile at him and he’ll do it a lot faster,

[00:03:04] Elizabeth: Bill.

[00:03:06] DeLoa: He does it, you know. Oh, he loves it. Look at that. Yeah. Oh. Oh, now. Oh, boy. I know what this is. You do? He’s a rabbit. He’s a rabbit. He

[00:03:29] David: won’t let me do it.

[00:03:30] DeLoa: Here, come here and show me too. What does it do? See this thing right here? It, um, Oh, the Pendulart! Oh, that’s awesome.

What does it do now? Oh, Oh, neat. Look at the cross it makes on the side. That’s beautiful. Oh, it makes the sun. Oh, that is neat. That’s great. How fun. Oh, you sure know how to down a present. That’s great. I love that. This is you. Hi, David.

This is just what I really wanted. I’ve always wanted. The thing is that it was, you know.

[00:04:30] David: Okay, darling. Tell them the gift.

[00:04:35] DeLoa: Just what you need. Go on. Come sit by me. Oh dear. How come Jimmy can’t do it? I am. Because he doesn’t want

[00:04:44] David: the camera pointing at him. Joel. Come down here next to Mom.

[00:04:48] DeLoa: Did you turn it back in there? I did. Look at you. You’re a fat mug. How did we rate this? I don’t know. I can’t. Oh. I, I. It’s

[00:05:04] David: dripping. Well. How did you guys rate this?

[00:05:08] DeLoa: Yeah, that’s what I want to know. Why do we race? Mom, your other one?

[00:05:12] David: How come they’re

[00:05:12] DeLoa: getting in? Ha ha ha, did you hear that, babe? Did you hear

[00:05:17] David: that? What’d he say? Mom, your other one. Ha

[00:05:19] DeLoa: ha ha ha. Hee hee hee hee

[00:05:23] David: hee. Oh, sorry, Jodi.

[00:05:25] Elizabeth: That’s okay. He doesn’t come. He’ll get down the street with it on their shoulder.

All right, that one deserves dual credit. It is the one you carry, Ben. Oh, wow. Wait, wait, wait. It is. It is. What is this? What

[00:05:37] DeLoa: is this? Does this mean? Just be joking. Straight. What does this mean? Tape to tape. I can record tape to tape with this? Yep. Are you kidding? What?

[00:05:46] David: I said of course.

[00:05:47] DeLoa: Come on. Come on. Oh, that is.

[00:05:53] David: At least it says you can. I hope you can.

[00:05:55] DeLoa: Well, what does it say, Kim? I guess that’s what that means. Continuous play. That means tape to tape. Oh, continuous play, tape to tape. One tape. And then the next one will play. I guess you have to record from one to the other. Oh, can’t you? Oh, it’s just tape. He knows all about that.

It’s just tape. When we went up to your place, I said they had one tape. Oh, no. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s like, I don’t know, it looks weird. Wait. Don’t drop it.

[00:06:26] David: Don’t drop it.

[00:06:28] DeLoa: Don’t drop it. Don’t drop it. All we need is fractions.

[00:06:43] David: Jerry? Jerry?

[00:06:52] DeLoa: You have a dirty face. Don’t be rude to my son. You have a dirty face. Have you ever washed your face? What’s he got in his hand, Gil? All Jerry’s things. He’s got your things in his hand. Uh, have you got something to give to him? Give him something instead.

It worked. What have you got, Andrew? What’s that?

You know you’ve been done, huh?

Want a bit of my drink? I’m getting really tired. No, this is tremendous. Oh, I think I’m gonna go outside the table or something. I don’t know. I don’t know. Hey! Jared, hurry! Jared! Jared! Jared! Oh, that is a neat looking little thing. Look at my tail. It’s so compact, too. Look at that. Stop!

[00:08:02] David: They couldn’t decide where to put them, so they just scattered them

[00:08:06] DeLoa: around town like that.

Hi. Gee, look at that. That’s neat. What have you got? Now this is Jerry’s stuff, okay? Where’s your toys? Come on, I’ll find your toys. Come with me. Let’s go in Mommy’s bedroom. Mommy’s bedroom. It’s just here. Let’s follow the tuner over there and look in. Okay, we’ll wait for like just a minute. There

[00:08:30] David: must be a cord some place.

[00:08:34] DeLoa: Okay, I’m fine. I’m going to find it. It must be in there. In

[00:08:38] David: the box?

I dropped it. I

[00:08:48] DeLoa: dropped it. Oh, I see. Can

[00:08:52] David: you tell me where it’s kept?

[00:08:55] DeLoa: In a tree.

No, no, it’s not over. It’s going to be like this. Yeah, I need you to start it over. Wait, so these are Huh? Where? Oh, sure. Frank! Now, we need a slide of hits? Jared! You know what? When you go away, he takes over! Okay, we’ll put this in the trash can. You’re gonna throw it. Oh, but not it. Gerard, go put this in the trash in the front row, please.

And then he can have her on his tail, too. No! Give that to Gerard, Ian. I’m sure. And then we’ll Well, where did that come from? This? This was one of the items. What about getting a jigsaw puzzle? I think that’s great for Enjoying. You can duplicate them all. Look.

She’s had her dad do something a lot of pain for her. Now all I need to know is what kind of

[00:10:30] David: cake she’s

[00:10:32] DeLoa: eating. Uh

[00:10:35] David: huh, it is, it

[00:10:38] DeLoa: does. No, you can’t, yeah, you can’t do

[00:10:41] David: it. But even if

[00:10:43] DeLoa: you can’t, it’s probably not half the time. Who’s got a knife then?

Uh, sorry? Dad! Dad! I can have it? Let’s take a little picture

[00:11:14] David: of it.

[00:11:15] DeLoa: Let me do it! Don’t you

[00:11:17] David: have the same thing? Where’d you get

[00:11:22] DeLoa: that? Oh, I was craving ice cream. Where’s

[00:11:27] David: the instruction

[00:11:28] DeLoa: book? This is the tape she got me.

[00:11:31] David: Oh, I mean, you are a music taker.

[00:11:33] DeLoa: So cute! But that’s very cute. That’s very nice. Yes it is.

You’re trying to patronize me and I like it. Your turn! I’m losing. Oh, I can’t. You just lost your tape! You know where that one was! Well, it’s in the bedroom somewhere. We have plenty of tape. What do you want, Van? Let’s see. Where’s the um, plug? Yeah, I’m gonna get you some overskates now. Right over here, Van.

Oh, great. You know what? Is there a knife or a sharp instrument anywhere? Excuse me, in here? Andrew, let’s That’s right. Um, here you go. Oh, it’s all right. I’ve got something below. Thank you. This way. Shoe shop.

That’s fine. That looks like a good

[00:12:23] David: one. Right over here. On the floor. Um, Paul Stevenson.

[00:12:34] DeLoa: I’d

[00:12:34] David: like a set playing recorder to operate. I need a set of high quality bands. Do you mind loading these on the

[00:12:41] DeLoa: head of the ride?

[00:12:43] David: I need one of those too.

[00:12:44] DeLoa: Oh, you’re not doing P. U. now, are you? What,

[00:12:50] David: Gil? How does this

[00:12:52] DeLoa: go down, Gil?

[00:12:53] David: It’s

[00:13:00] DeLoa: gonna flip down, Pa?

[00:13:01] David: Tonight.

[00:13:21] DeLoa: I’ll read this back and find out. Beeping sound. Stains good reproduction. Can’t wash your dishes. Head should be

[00:13:33] David: cleaned after 10 20 hours of use.

[00:13:37] DeLoa: Dad!

[00:13:41] David: If there is slack in the tape, remove it before inserting the targage. All right!

And lots of other tips.

[00:13:53] DeLoa: Some tips, some tips. It’s

yours. It’s Andrew’s. Put that over there for Jarosz. Put that piece over there for Jarosz. Now let’s put your portal pieces in. Take them all out. Oh, well, you know, when I curled it for a couple of weeks, it was It’s, it’s, it’s just me. Now do you know where to go? Where can you push him? You know, you push him back.

So when I’m up in here, what do I do? Go ahead and add a little force. And then, and I have a little spring. Very good! No matter what I try to do, I can’t. Good! You did that once, now. She, she’s doing that wrong, don’t! Stop pushing it up. Anyway, um, I got a little bit of uh, Why do you want one of those that doesn’t have anything on it?

Do you want to start recording? It records.

[00:15:20] David: I

[00:15:21] DeLoa: think I can go another little while. Uh, you can do it if you want to. Long term, and then, Take it just a little bit, and then leave it drawn. And you can at least lock it up. Can I put the crotch in it? Sure. That’s, that’s different though. Yeah, well, the things that are the fashions.

Um, you know, it really isn’t. Because I have to I have to get up and wash them every day if they haven’t been fashioned. Those days I can always go, you know, and I used to just wash them.

Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Conversations and Moments

  • DeLoa
  • Jody
  • Jim
  • Gil
  • David

[00:00:00] DeLoa: Let’s go down and have Jody open here. Okay, the two 80.

He didn’t get the one.

Save one for you. Thank you, dad. Something’s leaking here. Is it? Yeah, again, it’s all wet, totally wet around her. What can we do about it? So let her, Jody and Jim. Okay. And then we’ll go from there.

Somebody at the front door.

How come this is spun like this? Won’t these kids knock it over? Yeah, that’s what it is.

Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Festive Tunes and Heartwarming Moments

  • Ian
  • Meagan
  • Marcy

[00:00:00] Ian, Meagan, and Marcy: Jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh. Hey! Jiggle bell, jiggle bell, jiggle all the way. All the way back into one, and one over this way. Hey! Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells all the way.

Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh. Hi, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. I was a little mouse and I see Popcorn poppin on an apricot tree Bean hat poppin at a set fire Bustin the nose of a pie I find I could make a handle and make a tree A popcorn pie that smells so sweet And that’s just where we go Better thing to be, parkin parkin on a pop tree.

And I did it. I did it. I did it. I did it. She did it. I did it. See, just work long enough and you’re going to get it. This is for, uh, pardon. I know, I know. Use this for this. This for this. And. Okay. Do you think he’s saying good? I thought you knew. Oh, yeah. It’s up there. Oh, Did you call me to sing again? Did you call me to sing again?

He said, come here, I’ll sing, Grandma. I’ll sing Pomp and Circumstance. Oh, I do. That was great. Wasn’t it? Darling, I hope it worked. Where’s my beanie? I sang that out for too many people. Where’s my nice beanie? Everything boils down to money, doesn’t it? Everything boils down to money. Your penny got stuck?

That’s a shame, isn’t it? And you sang so well.

There. And you did it! Now that, all that battle just feel precious. It’ll be worth the hour and a half it took us to get it. Should we watch it real quick? Yes, of course. Oh, and somebody can have some bears. Or we can do


Gil and DeLoa Reed’s Family: Family Moments and Joyous Laughter

  • Gil
  • Jody
  • Elizabeth
  • David
  • Logan
  • Marcy
  • Meagan
  • Jason
  • Jared
  • Ian
  • Andrew
  • Aidan
  • Joel
  • Amber
  • Percy Walker
  • Nathan
  • Jim

[00:00:00] Jody: Wait a minute. He, he loves it up there because of the scenery as much as anything.

Listen, listen to her little note. Okay, can you hear it? She said, Oh, how I enjoy my cozy little castle in the sky. Now did you say that is your castle in the sky? You hear that, Elizabeth? I read that. I’m so glad, I’m so glad. Pay attention, David. I’m so glad this place was available, and you allowed me to share this part of your home with this glorious mountainside to enjoy.

I feel very blessed. You can’t imagine where I live. Nature is showing miracles. Oh, Lord.

[00:00:52] Gil: You’re welcome.

[00:00:53] Jody: I’ll tell you what. It’s amazing. Sit down and I’ll get it under me. I’ve never seen Jingle Bells before. You’re kneeling away. Do you know how Jingle Bells go, Marcy? Sit down. Sit down, Marcy. Well, Marcy doesn’t want to be in it.

That’s all right.

We’ll just, we want to see Megan, and Ian, and Andrew. Don’t they look cute? Oh, they’re kissing underneath the rug. Maybe she’ll see her in there at home, if you don’t mind. Aidan, look at the TV. Look at the TV. What should we sing? If I sit here, am I out of the way? Okay. What should we sing? Marcy. Hey! What’s a fun song to sing?

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells? No, sit down and be on TV. You’re pretty face on there, look. Get up on the couch so we can see you in there, too. We want to see that. Marcy, look. She doesn’t like cameras. She doesn’t like grandma’s cameras. No, I just can’t handle this game. He gets up there with a hand closed his mouth and sits on the couch.

Andrew! Come on, honey. Come on. Stop. Why don’t you, come here, take it

[00:02:35] Gil: off while I’m back for a bit. Hey, I didn’t have

[00:02:39] Jody: to get too quick, baby.

[00:02:40] Gil: Okay,

[00:02:43] Jody: go. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh.

Yes, it’s not gonna work. Let’s think of something else.

Hm, I think you could use a two and Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle bells, jingle bells Hold still just a minute, because they want to see if they can see your brown eyes. Megan knows it really well. Can you see your brown eyes now, Uncle David? Megan, say a poem for the kids. Say a poem for the kids.

Jingle bells. Okay, Megan’s gonna sing Jingle Bells for us. Okay. I see. You have to get your feet down, Logan. Don’t do anything to it. Why this is spinning. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It’s spinning. It’s spinning. It’s spinning. It’s spinning. It’s spinning. It’s spinning. Um, it’s just that you are over here, but you have got nothing like this to do.

Look, I’m moving out of the way. I’m not going to the gym. Remember it’s supposed to be that way. Mommy, look it. Oh yeah, that’s better. Look, the left foot is on the right foot. Side right. And right. That is on a left side. Andrew. What? Is it fun? Andrew. Andrew. Look at daddy. Hi. Hi Andrew. so much. Bye. Bye. Bye.

Bye. Bye. I can’t get Jason to run to the campsite, so hopefully we can get him right here. We have to get the colors and then we have to turn the TV off. Because they’re all so Amber is not doing very well today. Amber is not doing very well today. We stopped that. You guys have got to get a better plan.

Wait. I think you need to get a better plan. Are you guys cooking? Hello. Did you make the little scroll thing? The pill. Cute. That would be cute to have a whole train of them. Uh, Percy Walker here. She had four legs and a ring, three of those in here, and that’s what it was. And she had a whole sheet of music going along like that, like rhythm, and then she had a score of music kind of like that.

I’ve always, different, I’ve always looked at one in, uh, Oh, in Superfect’s house. Across her mom’s place, in the place where they sit next to each other. And she has an arrangement, and then she has Her arrangement in the middle, with paper, with scrolls of music, sheet music there. Beautiful. How about getting a little closer?

Get some nice close ups, Nathan. Here, Jim. Get a good one.

Not very long. What about your kids, too? Where’s Andrew? Well, I got Andrew and Ian real good. A choo choo train. A choo choo train. That’s cute. Ian, tell Marcy what that train does. It flies. It flies. It flies. Doesn’t it make any noises? Yes, it does. What kind of noise? Whoo hoo! He’s on his whim. Whoo! Whoo! Whoo Hoo!

There’s Andrew! Hello Andrew! Can you wave? Andrew I turned TV off.

Oh no, don’t pull him back. So go ahead and let the TV on, and then do what you’re doing, okay? Even if the, uh Give him what there’s in it. Hey. Hey. Hey. Megan, help him with his hair. Hi. Hi. Hey kids, play nicely. I want her to turn it off. Pull it back so we can see what they’re doing.

No, don’t do that. You need to move it that way a little bit. Oh, here we go. Is that in focus more? Isn’t that in focus? You need to get a little bit closer. You don’t have too much scowl. A little more makeup. There you go. How’d you like being the only Indian? And when there’s all these cheats around, huh?

We’re all the same. Hey, can you undo some of that?

Ian? Sit on the couch so Uncle Jim can take a picture of you and Marcy. No. Okay. Wait, is it Mom’s restroom? That’s mine. What else do we want to do? Um. Do we want to force Joel and Jared over here now? Are you having a good time again? Is that going backwards, David? Should that be going backwards? You’re not running that, are you?

Yeah. Oh, don’t, don’t.

Let me have a look at that, Megan.

You can also do the zoom, man.